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The ryzen lineup includes ryzen 3, ryzen 5, ryzen 7, ryzen 9, and ryzen threadripper with up to 64 cores. Next in line for release is the 2nd gen ryzen pro mobile, followed by the. It offers the most powerful consumer cpus ever released, with higher core counts and. New amd ryzen and epyc roadmaps, zen 4 and 5nm genoa by. Operating system os support will vary by manufacturer. One of them is a cpu roadmap that runs through 2019.

Amd has been sharing important information in an investor presentation, including a roadmap for its upcoming processors. It shows not only the chip companys plans for their desktop. Timelines, roadmaps, andor product release dates shown in these slides. Amds cpu and gpu roadmap for 2020 and beyond is full of. Now with rdna 2 navi 2x set to launch this year, amd has extended the roadmap. Intel core i99980xe in the cinebench r20 nt benchmark test. Xbox series x is our most powerful console ever powered by our custom designed processor leveraging amd s latest zen 2 and rdna 2 architectures. Because unique tools may be preferred for different applications, this document discusses a number of potential mitigations on amd processors. Updated amd ryzen and epyc cpu roadmaps march 2020. Able to perform tasks of both a cpu and gpu with less space and power. Amd confirms ryzen 4000 cpus will be out in 2020 and. Amd roadmap 2018 to 2020 cpu, gpu, platforms ultragamerz. So rdna 2 is not 7nm euv unless they are gonna do the intel thing and have architectures on multiple nodes. Those chips will come with the 5nm process and zen 4.

Leaked amd roadmap points to zen 2 processors in 2019 pc. Amd investor presentation roadmap features 3rd gen ryzen. Amds latest cpu roadmap hints at zen 4 processors by 2022. This is the cpu apu product line, and along with new product lines, there are also some new refreshes. Amd has updated their nextgeneration cpu and gpu roadmaps which confirm that the zen 3 and rdna 2 would be shipping to customers in 2020. This roadmap requires a cnda before presenting to a customer. If applicable and openly known, the designation s of each processor s core versions is are listed in parentheses. According to the latest roadmap, amd will be launching its zen 3 cpu architecture this year in two key product families, the 4th generation ryzen 4000 series desktop processors and the 3rd. Zen is the codename for a computer processor microarchitecture from amd, and was first used with their ryzen series of cpus in february 2017.

The amd ryzen family is an x8664 microprocessor family from amd, based on the zen microarchitecture. During the event amd s junji hayashi took the stage to. Costeffective responsiveness for basic tasks in the workplace. For an overview over concrete product, you then need to consult further articles, like e. The new products would utilize tsmcs bleedingedge 7nm. The desktop processors provide a high thermal tolerance, and are compatible with overclocking. This article gives a list of advanced micro devices amd microprocessors, sorted by generation and release year. The zen 3 cpus are going to bring performance increases over zen 2 which means that intel will not be able to compete at all.

Intel roadmaps for processor, chipset, and server products. This time it is related to amd s plans for the highend desktop market. Amd roadmap suggests zen 4 cpus will require new processor socket in 2021 a new slide has appeared online showing the end of socket compatibility for amd s epyc processors. Amd appears to be in good shape going forward with zen 3 and rdna 2 on the horizon. Amd s cpu and gpu roadmap for 2020 and beyond is full of big upgrades. Amd stated that its cpu roadmaps for its enterprise portfolio are going to offer more vision into the future than its consumer side for a couple of reasons. According to the new roadmap, that is slightly more informative than a graph shown at capsaicin, polaris architecture might replace both radeon fury and radeon 300 series. It feels like it was just yesterday that amd released its zen 2based ryzen 3000 cpus, but the next generation of performance is right around the corner. Hpc target markets for 2nd gen amd epyc processors. The first roadmap presented by amd is the following. A processor that combines cpu and gpu elements into a single architecture apu brand of amd, intel uses different name why apu. Unless were speaking about older non competing amd processors pre ryzen, pretty much every cpu.

Amd s ceo has spilled a lot of juicy info regarding not just the launch of nextgen ryzen 4000 desktop processors, but also the incoming highend navi graphics card, and the fact that official. All consumer ryzens have an unlocked multiplier and all except ryzen 3 support simultaneous multithreading smt. Perhaps most impressive, amd s roadmaps indicate the company will have its epyc genoa processors fully on the market by the end of 2022. Here is the unofficially official roadmap for amd s desktop platform. Amd ryzen 7 4700g renoir desktop apu pictured the first 8 core, am4 cpu featuring 7nm zen 2. Amds cpu roadmap reveals zen 3, zen 4, and 5nm techspot. Intel cpu roadmap leaked to continue using 14nm well. Amd has so far shipped over 260 million zen cores across its ryzen, threadripper, and epyc processors since they debuted in 2017. Meyer charted amd s advancements in clock speed in a detailed desktop microprocessor roadmap above. Desktop cpus handle the needs of desktop computers. Up to 8 ultraresponsive zen 2 processor cores for onthego productivity, gaming, and content creation in premium laptops. Iotgia roadmap embedded ia roadmap and customer presentation.

Amd s latest cpu roadmap hints at zen 4 processors by 2022, with zen 3 on track for 2020 by tsing mui march 5, 2020 march 5, 2020. Fastest entrylevel laptop cpu ever amd backtracks, says b450 and x470 motherboards will. Amd adds 3rd gen ryzen threadripper to 2019 roadmap cpu. On the desktop, it shows amd launching pinnacle ridge as a successor to current zenbased summit ridge zen processors in 2018. New information concerns the appearance of a new, valueoriented mobile apu in the form of dali lets hope performance on that is slightly more predictable than the particular style of the artist whose name it follows. More amd slides leak out following the leak of amd slides yesterday, more details are emerging again. This article gives a list of advanced micro devices amd microprocessors, sorted by.

Amd shared its 5 year long gpu and apu roadmap with the world for the first time during the pc cluster consortium event in osaka japan. Amd ryzen processor with radeon vega graphics clear space definition. Testing by amd performance labs on 10072019 comparing an amd ryzen threadripper 3970x and amd ryzen threadripper 3960x vs. At cost of performance compared to high end individual units sufficient for majority of computers. Like the 3900x before it, the 3950x is a major milestone for amd because, for the first time in more than 15 years, amd can offer a toptier mainstream cpu. Desktop processors consumer and business processors amd. Amd roadmap suggests zen 4 cpus will require new processor. Advanced micro devices, inc 7171 southwest pkwy austin, texas 78735 united states phone phone. The full slide deck from the presentation is available here pdf link. In an amd investors presentation yesterday a new roadmap was revealed. A multicore processor also ensures that one core runs at full capacity on tasks without slowing down other tasks or clogging other cores. If youre planning a cpu upgrade in 2019, amd s upcoming ryzen 3000 series may be what youre looking for. The microarchitecture of intel, amd and via cpus an optimization guide for assembly programmers and compiler makers by agner fog. Amd ryzen threadripper roadmap up to 2020 leaked eteknix.

Dali therefore joins amd s renoir apu and vermeer cpus both expected in the 7 nm process for amd s 2020 roadmap. Software tecniues for managing speculation on amd processors 3 to mitigate the above described variants, there are a variety of possible techniques software can use. Amd polaris 10 and polaris 11 to succeed radeon fury and radeon 300 series. The report talks about two nextgeneration amd products, the amd ryzen 4000 desktop processor. Roadmap is a set of plans that communicates objectives, milestones, timelines, and instructions about an intel product or program. This roadmap clearly suggest that all chips might be replaced with silicons based on polaris architecture. Amd is first to market an x86 processor based on 7nm technology.

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