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There will be more murders and twists and turns than ever before. Pretty little liars season 7 ultimate twincer theory youtube. Those that have been waiting for spencer troian bellisario and toby keegan allen to get back together might be very happy. In season four when the liars went to new york, hanna was aiming the gun right at a, demanding heshe take the mask off. After what went down in the latest episode of pll, there are some crazy thoughts and possible theories about aria that are running through my brain and need to be addressed. As if rosewood isnt already full of mysteries, the pll fandom decided to throw even more our way. Automobile accidents involving trucks usually are more complicated than additional car accidents. The whole speech that veronica gave about how heartbreaking it is to have to be born in radley and left alone was a huge clue to bethany being born there and left there while they only took her twin sister spencer. Whats in store for spencer and toby on pretty little. In pretty little liars season 7, episode 5, emilys allnight conversation with new romantic partner sabrina. Season 7 will be more fast paced and romantic than any other pll season. Melissa has been pretending to be spencer this theory adds a. With the series finale looming before us, that can only mean one thing.

The first two pieces of evidence fuelling that theory were the facts that up until season 7, aria was always. The first half of pretty little liars season 7 is coming to an end, with the midseason finale airing on august 30. The finale of season 7a is sure to shake things up just like any finale does, and. The upcoming season pretty little liars is going to take epic to a whole new level. Check out our spoilers and theories on who could be the pll villain a. Pretty little liars left one liars fate hanging in the balance at the end of season six, and when season seven kicks off tuesday on freeform, theyll only have 24 hours to save hanna ashley. Who is ad pretty little liars uber a theories season 7. Marlene king also revealed some interesting spoilers for pretty little liars to variety. Pretty little liars recap pretty little liars season 7 episode 20. Janel parrish reveals her shocking uber a theories. D will be a team, but led by a member of the drake family. The first part of season 7 of pretty little liars season finale left the audience wondering, who is a.

After seven years of twists, turns, fakeouts, network. Is ad pretty little liars uber a theories season 7. This move has us thinking of new pretty little liars theories on who uber a could be. As emily says, out of all the insane theories weve jumped to, spencer having an evil twin has to. Pll, pretty little liars, season 7, promo, recap, explained, predictions, theories, episode 18, driving miss crazy, mona, a. Because truck drivers are often on typically the job if the accident occurs, you may have a state against the driver plus their employer. Abc family just broke the news that were going to find out who a is on march 24 four more. See more ideas about pll, pretty little liars and messages. Pll has had some crazy plot twists throughout the years, and shocking reveals that none of us saw coming. In the series finale, til death do us part, it was revealed that uber as identity was alex drake. These pretty little liars theories give us hope for season 7b. Whereas mona and charlotte could never be seen hiding in the shadows, this copycat a hides in plain sight, via masks and disguises. The theory is so indepth and intense that you should absolutely read outlasts blog post to get every gritty detail. Who is ad revealed in series finale pretty little liars june 20, 2017 pretty little liars season 7 episode 20 is right around the corner, and this series finale should answer most of your burning questions.

Pretty little liars is about to return for its final season, and there are many, many theories on what will happen. Halebs unfinished business, emisons cute mom by leanne aguilera 8. Pretty little liars finale season 7 spoilers hollywood. I think that the writers have to present watered down solutions just to be one step ahead of us. Season seven of abcs thriller pretty little liars has come to an end. Pretty little liars season 7 spoilers hollywood reporter.

Pretty little liars is in its 7th and finale season. Best pretty little liars a theories who is a on pretty. Following that jawdropping finale, marlene king revealed 4. The shows creators have promised that all of fans questions will be answered especially the identity of the terrifying ad who is tormenting and torturing the girls. Internet theory regarding troian bellisarios spencer hastings having. This crazy pretty little liars theory will convince you. Ever since he first came on the scene in season one, toby has long been a fan favorite among the pll army. Pretty little liars season 7 will wrap the series up with a nerveracking twohour finale on tuesday, june 27. In contrast to the outlasts theory, the best pll theories limits themselves purely to information weve gleaned from season 7. Where fellow wiki users can discuss their latest theories about a character,etc. The pretty little liars endgame is well and truly finished as ad has been. Check out all the spoilers we could gather on the episode, plus theories on ad. If that spencer twin theory is true im gonna jump out of the window.

Pretty little liars spoilers tease that when season 7b, the final episodes of pll, returns in 2017 it will be absolutely insane. As for spencer torian bellisario, not only was she shot by jenna marshall tammin sursok, but mary drake andrea parker admitted to being her biological mother. The most plausible pretty little liars theories for. Pretty little liars ended its sevenyear run with a twistfilled finale that revealed the identity of the mysterious ad. Pretty little liars paige, melissa, leslie or aria twin is ad. Pretty little liars ended with a shocking series finale. The theories that some of the fans come up with simply blows away what pll actually delivers. In season 7b, the identity of charlottes father will be revealed and so will the conception story.

There are theories floating around that lucas gottesman brendan robinson is actually a. The seventh and final season of the american mystery drama television series pretty little liars, based on the books of the same name by sara shepard, was renewed on june 10, 2014 for two additional seasons, making the show freeforms longest running original series the season consisted of 20 episodes, in which ten episodes aired in the summer of 2016, with the remaining ten episodes aired. Funny pretty little liars recap season 7 episode 20. Could it be revealed when pretty little liars returns for its final run that alison dilaurentis is pregnant with emilys baby. Lets talk about the biggest pretty little liars fan theories. Pretty little liars series finale theories best ending refinery29. Who is ad pretty little liars uber a theories season 7 refinery29.

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