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The amazing story of march 7, 1945 by writer and u. The ludendorff bridge over the rhine river at remagen on march 8, 1945. There is a ferry across the rhine from remagen every 1015 minutes in the summer. They were very surprised to see one of the last bridges across the rhine still standing. The bridge at remagen, american war film, released in 1969, that earned acclaim for its gripping battle sequences and fine cast. It was a stunning strategic victory of world war iiand one of the most fantastic breaks for the allies. With george segal, robert vaughn, ben gazzara, bradford dillman. Being two generations removed from wwii my grandfather got drafted the day japan surrendered, this information was a bit overwhelming for me but perhaps for a wwii. The bridge is historically important, being the first bridge over the rhine captured intact by. Lieutenant phil hartman george segal leads the mission, while a german major robert vaughn defies orders to destroy the bridge. After capturing the siegfried line, the 9th armored division of the u.

Watch the bridge at remagen 1969 full movie free online. Also included is a booklet containing stills from the film as well as a terrific essay from film historian julie kirgo. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read the bridge at remagen. Battle of remagen 1945 part 1 invasion of germany world war 2 documentary by the best film archives. Keeping with the general tone of the film, sergeant angelo defies orders, assaults his battalion commander, and habitually robs the dead. The bridge at remagen an important bridge over the rhine and how the u. The bridge at remagen tells the true story of the battle for this last bridgehead, from both the german and american perspective. He even interviewed the main participants from both sides. Truman a blow byblow account that probably comes as close to the truth as history can hope to. The capture of the ludendorff bridge at remagen occurred on march 78, 1945, during the closing stages of world war ii 19391945. The bridge was the site of a massive airstrike that continued over a period of days everything from a strungout force of nearly 70 jet bombers. The waffen ss is absent from the film, but there are black uniformed a typical movie mistake ss men who act as a ruthless political enforcement machine much. The town of remagen is situated on the western bank of the river rhine, roughly midway between cologne and koblenz.

This time out its the ludendorff bridge over the rhine in the remagen area, scene of. The bridge at remagen film by guillermin 1969 britannica. Us forces are headed for it, spearheaded by a platoon lead by warweary lt hartman. Remagen is a town in germany in rhinelandpalatinate, in the district of ahrweiler.

The bridge at remagen is a 1969 deluxe color war film starring george segal, ben gazzara and robert vaughn in panavision. The bridge at remagen is the on march 7, 1945, a small group of american infantrymen, engineers, and tank crews secured the ludendorff bridge that crossed the rhine. The bridge at remagen 1969 directed by john guillermin. Us troops capture bridge at remagen entering nazi germany in. Remagen simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fine casting, rugged characters and authentic military detail make the bridge at remagen one of the best world war ii action films of the 1960s.

The bridge at remagen the taking of a bridge provides the basis for an actionful world war ii melodrama. Cbs radio war correspondent everett holles wrote about timmermann removing the charges in his book, unconditional. This 1965 film documents the capture of a bridge on march 7, 1945, that gave allied forces the first bridgehead across the rhine river. The germans have blown all of the bridges on the rhine, except one the bridge at remagen. The bridge at remagen arrives on bluray courtesy of twilight time in a limited edition run of 3,000 units. In action, hes at the forefront of the fighting, and tries to protect the. The bridge at remagen is the detailed narrative of. Watch the bridge at remagen online 1969 movie yidio. The bridge at remagen george segal robert vaughn ben gazzara 1969 an army lieutenant george segal and a nazi major robert vaughn ponder whether to blow up. The capture of the bridge over the rhine at remagen, 7.

Battle of remagen 1945 part 2 invasion of germany world war 2. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 months new customers receive 15% off your. The battle of remagen during the allied invasion of germany resulted in the unexpected capture of the ludendorff bridge over the rhine. As the allied forces advance towards the last bridge on the rhine, german forces must assess the real human cost of their war strategy. The bridge at remagen is a rare exception, though still lacks the courage to show the ss in a truly accurate way. At remagen was a doubletrack railroad bridge, a little over 1,000 feet long, built at the end of world war i and named ludendorff bridge after germanys wartime commander. A story of world war ii ebook written by ken hechler. The bridge at remagen is a 1969 world war ii film that focuses on a unit in the u. It begins with the us army attempting and failing to capture the oberkassel railway bridge.

English, spanish, and french soundtracks are rendered in dolby digital mono. The 300kilogram 660 lb weak, industrialgrade demolition charge only succeeded in destroying part of the eastern pedestrian catwalk and a section of main truss shown above on the northern side of the bridge. The bridge at remagen contains examples of antihero. The bridge at remagen is a historical fiction film about the american effort at the close of world war ii to capture the last remaining bridge over the rhine. Spanish and french subtitles are accessible, and the english soundtrack is closedcaptioned. It is based on the nonfiction book the bridge at remagen.

As the allied armies close in, the germans decide to blow up the last rhine bridge, trapping their own men on the wrong side. The film was based on a book by ken hechler, a war historian who was serving in the us army in 1945. With american army troops only a day away from the germans, a nazi general orders a bridge over the rhine river be destroyed. The bridge at remagen by john guillermin george segal. The book started off a bit slow, trying to give all of the background information of all of the armies and persons involved leading up to the battle for the bridge at remagen. The amazing story of march 7, 1945the day the rhine river was crossed thee best book on the subject written by a man who was there to record it all. Pressed onto a region free bd50 disc, the disc is housed in a clear sturdy bluray case. Although it is a small exhibition, it is certainly worth checking it out. Founded in the 1 st century ad, the german town of remagen sits on the rhine, south of the city of bonn a bridge across the rhine at remagen was originally included in the schlieffen plan used by germany at the start of world war one. Veterans of ludendorff bridge battle gather at remagen. On march 7, 1945, a small group of american infantrymen, engineers, and tank crews secured the ludendorff bridge that crossed the rhine.

N gauge exhibition layout centred on the ludendorff bridge at remagen. Housed in the towers of the famous bridge, this museum displays plaques depicting the wars since then, along with old photos and newspapers, and artifacts like shrapnel from the rocket that hit near the bridge. Armys exhausted 27th armored infantry that is ordered to seize the bridge near the city of remagen, on the rhine river, in order to prevent the retreat of 75,000 german troops. Based on the book of the same name by us representative ken hechler and starring george segal, ben gazzara and robert vaughn, the bridge at remagen is a fictionalized portrayal of the events surrounding the last months of world war ii. The successful mission saved thousands of american lives and spearheaded the invasion of nazi germany. This is a short video and slide show of the bridge at remagen today. With thoughtful themes and a decent cast, this is a solid one to check out if you are a fan of the genre. Based on actual incidents during the final allied advance on germany in march 1945, the story focuses on the us armys exhausted 27th armoured infantry, assigned to seize the bridge at remagen, on the. The bridge at remagen nude scenes 0 images and 0 videos including appearances from anna gael. Bridge at remagen, the internet movie firearms database. This is a very important piece of world war 2 history that is still around today and.

The film, which was directed by john guillermin, was shot on location in czechoslovakia. The bridge at remagen isnt notably great, but its also not out of step with the many, many wellregarded and betterremembered wwii films of the era. Major kreuger robert vaughn is the nazi officer who realizes that if. First army had advanced unexpectedly quickly towards the rhine. John guillermins world war ii film the bridge at remagen comes to dvd with a widescreen transfer that preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio of 1. Dubbed the miracle of remagen, the capture of the ludendorff bridge opened the way for allied troops to drive into the heart of germany. The ludendorff bridge at remagen germany landmarkscout. The railroad, after crossing from the west, passed through a twelvehundredfoot tunnel in the erpeler ley, and continued along the. With the covid19 virus effecting our nation and pennsylvania governor tom. Capturing the bridge at remagen the ludendorff bridge from the northeastern shore after the attempted demolition. Numerous books about the bridge of remagen have been published. Remagen has many historic buildings, churches, castles and monuments. The germans have sent a topnotch infantry officer, major kreuger, to take over the defense of the bridge and blow it up.

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