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Design,supply,manufacturing,erection, te sting and. Electrical power substation engineering and layout. Key diagram 11kv400v indoor substation iiteeeestudents. The fence is connected to a separate grounding conductor. Whenever light surges occur then, a highvoltage pass through these electrical components causing damage to them either temporary or permanent damage based on the amount of voltage surge. Technical specification construction of 3311 kv primary substations. Electrical substation, unitised package substation. An electrical substation is a combination of a number of major electrical equipments like power transformers, circuit breakers, instruments transformers, bus bars, lightning arresters, control panels, interconnecting cables, capacitor banks, battery set, and other related equipments designed as per the requirements, size, capacity and class of the substation. As for the building layout, no acade wont do that automatically. Electrical substation now days the electrical power demand is increasing very rapidly. Construction of 33 11kv substation technical specification page 1 of 211 rev. Detailed investigation of substation and preparation of boq to be done by the bidder.

In phasei, a study of existing network and availability of space for the substation and lines up to 11 kv of the campus is to be carried out. Key diagram 11kv400v i the 3phase, 3wire 11 kv line is tapped and brought to the gang operating switch installed near the substation. Once at site the substation shall be suitable to be lifted by a crane off the truck and placed on. Recognizing the grids complexity and relevance, the national academy of sciences declared the electricity system the worlds largest machine and placed it at the top of the list of the. Design study for 3311 kv substation, distribution and protection in. Earthing design of 11kv and 33kv rural substations in the uk. What is the rating of ht substation and lt substation. Prepared by the subcommittee on the design of substation structures of the. The analysis is done by using advance software electrical transient analyser program etap with detailed load flow analysis. The substation would be a combination of switching, controlling, and voltage stepdown equipment arranged to reduce subtransmission voltage to primary distribution voltage for residential, commercial, and industrial loads. Ergon energy corporation limited abn 50 087 646 062 ergon energy queensland pty ltd abn 11 121 177 802. Substation design volume ii physical layout instructor. This bulletin is an update and revision of previous rea bulletin 651, design guide for rural substations revised june 1978.

This map shows 3311kv primary substations and a geographical footprint of the areas they feed. Small rural 11kv and 33kv substations can often be problematic to earth safely. There are 3 lines availble for descriptions and 2 lines for the rating. The first step in planning a substation layout is the preparation of a oneline. Design guide for rural substations usda rural development. The digital substation comprise of intelligent primary devices and networking secondary device based on iec61850 protocol to realize. This has brought the possibility of configuring substations in which heavy physical labor is. A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Branch form fae 30 distribution indoor and padmount substation medium voltage 11kv and 22kv switchgear product approval and audit form. Detailed investigation of substation and preparation of boq to be done. The second symbol is almost a match for the symbol show in the pdf. Technical specification construction of 33 11 kv primary sub stations. For fulfilling these huge power demands the modern time requires creation of bigger and bigger power generating stations.

The single line diagram makes the system easy and it provides the facilitates reading of the electrical supply and connection. They step down the ehv to hv as per the requirement of the customers. A wide variety of complete package substations are manufactured and made available by otds. Substation layout 8 15 substation main equipment 17 33 auxiliary facilities 33 49. Design,supply,manufacturing,erection, te 211 kv substation with sas at i. The seminole 8kv substation is located on the west side of i45 in league city, texas. The package substations are made available in a range of sizes between 200kva 3mva and voltages up to 33kv. I want all the equation which is not shown in pdf file of design study for 3311 kv substation, distribution and protection in the city of kenya so what can i do. Therefore, to avoid this difficulty, lightening arresters are.

Kec is the leading manufacturer of switchgear, unitised package substation, electrical substation manufacturers in 3 type 11kv, 22kv and 33kv. Earthing design instruction edi100 distribution earthing design, construction and test equipment technical specification ets 0070 11kv and 22kv padmount and indoor distribution transformers. Aug 1, 2011 a construction of new 33 11 kv primary substation. These power generating stations may be hydroelectric, thermal or atomic.

Via inplace elevation of substation structures and equipment pdf. Between the generating station and consumer, electric power may flow through several substations at different voltage levels. Edms, printed to an electronic drawing set adobe pdf and issued to the project manager. Electrical layout plan and elevation 33kv substation in. Sub station equipments and safety clearance rating of lighting arrestor. The substation equipments such as conductors, transformers, etc. Substations transform voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions. Replace previous bulletin 651 with this bulletin and file with 7 cfr part 1724. Design study for 3311 kv substation, distribution and. Powerdistributionandsubstationprojects reference list sl no. The skid mounted substation shall be of modular construction housed in a single enclosure consisting of ht control panel with two number load break switch, one number vcb and all other metering and protection, one no 11kv415v dry type transformer and lt distribution board etc.

Owners supply materials osm 33 11 kv power transformers, station 330. For presentation of design drawings and circuit documents iec publication. The structure of such distributive substations is usually very complex, including switchgear equipment, meters, protective and communication systems, which allows the control of the substation under different operating conditions. The new substation t he electricity grid was invented in the 19th century and greatly expanded in the 20th. Distribution substations are typically the points of voltage regulation. All rus borrowers rus electric staff effective date. Single line diagram of 3311 kv jampaijala for tender. This research paper deals with the simulation of 23311kv substation. The incoming voltage level for this substation is 220kv. Distribution indoor and padmount substation 1224kv. Ehv combined voltage and current transformer standard. The factory assembled self contained package substation is a complete weather proof. Note that you will have to click on show all to access the additionl rating lines. The substation and its components shall be mounted on a galvanised steel plinth.

The power transformer, circuit breakers, gantry of an under construction 33 11 kv substation in rural area. Depending upon the availability of resources these stations are constructed. The aim of this project is to provide the consultancy service to doctor harisingh gour vishwavidyalaya, sagar mp for substation design, feeder up to 11 kv and estimation of cost. This paper discusses about installation of 11kv440v substation. These electrical layout plan and elevation 33kv substation are an important part that needs to be taken care of in every small and large project. Kenya power transmission system improvement project lot 3233 kv substations and switching stations volume 2 section vi employers requirements. Design,supply,manufacturing,erection, te 2 11 kv substation with sas at i. Design study for 33 11 kv substation, distribution and protection in the city of kenya.

Stability of the system, reliability of power depends on the type of layout chosen and components used in the sub stations. This site is served by a combination of allweather, gravel and unimproved dirt roads. General arrangement a designer perspective, but fine tuned at site. Feb2016 rev2 in case of 211kv substation away from the road rightof way row, the party shall provide sufficient corridor from the substation boundary to the road. Design parameters and standard layout of a 3311 kv substation. Introduction sub stations are important link between generating stations and distribution networks. Power supply guidelines for major projects 7 of 19 issue. Design of 6611kv, 20mva substation before the ratings of various items of equipments in a substation are chosen and their locations in the substation decided it is necessary to draw a single line diagram, also called key diagram. Single line diagram of 3311 kv jampaijala for tender purpose only. Generation capacity connected reverse power flow 33kv fault level percentage of 11kv circuits. Problems can arise as the sites are fed entirely, or in part, by overhead line this provides no return path for the fault current which is instead injected into the ground. Supply in the package materials have been classified as under i.

These electrical layout plan and elevation 33kv substation helps you to understand the layout of your space and gives you a clear image of the placement of various items. They are coloured red, amber or green depending on whether any of the following have been identified as affecting further generation connections. Digital substation and iec61850 tomorrow iec 6185081 670 series reb500 650 series sam600 ncit ncit sam600 iec 6185081 iec 6185092 digital substation 1 all signals digital, station and process 2 analog, status and commands 3 acquire once, distribute on a. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link. The substation design manual is not intended to replace asset management standards, but rather to act as a reference document that crossreferences existing standards and process documentation and plugs any gaps where asset management documentation does not exist. All the control and equipments needed to monitor and remote control the vital equipments such as transformers, circuit breakers, feeders etc.

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